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Determinants of Continuance Intention to Use Mobile Money Transfer: An Integrated Model


Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) technology had become essential daily transactions in several developing countries. The unbanked population and those from low and middle-income classes mainly adopt this technology. In Somalia, two major telecommunication companies had introduced this technology especially in south-central regions in the country. Through MMT technology, citizens can send money to and receive from family members and friends, pay bills and other transactions and do shopping, selling, and buying from most of small and medium businesses. The present study examines the factors influencing users’ continuous intention to use MMT technology by employing an integrated model. Using self-administered questionnaire, the study’s data have been collected from a total of 398 consumers in all seventeen districts of Banadir region, Somalia. Structural Equation Modeling approach using SmartPLS 3 software was employed to test the hypothesized integrated model. The results suggested that perceived usefulness, trust, subjective norms and satisfaction have significantly contributed to MMT consumers’ continuous intention. In addition, this study addressed the antecedent factors for the major predictors, which were seldom explored in prior research. The results have presented practical and theoretical implications.

Ismail Sheikh Yusuf Ahmed, Ali Yassin Sheikh Ali

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