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Decision Support System for Electronic Multi-Banking (DSSEMB)


Recent times have seen an explosive growth in the availability of various kinds of electronic banking for different purposes like e-shopping, e-trading, e-auction etc. In order to meet the challenges of the latest developments in the area, banks have to invest in new technologies. This will help in understanding the customers better and provide better services. This also helps in identifying the most powerful attacks, expected or unexpected frauds. Solutions for them could also be made possible. Multi-banking is an environment in which a user can access multiple accounts with a single browser. To meet the customer’s requirements like security, speed, reliability etc., new technologies have to be introduced by the banks. In this paper, we describe a prototype decision support system for electronic multi-banking. The Authentication server uses a Banking transaction Service Model for authenticating a user and notifying the banks either to provide or deny the services to a particular user. Banking Transaction Service model (BTSM) acts as a decision support system. The intermediate server acts as a link between the customer and various banks. We also briefly discuss an application of data mining for analyzing the large datasets collected from the information provided by the user.


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