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Contemporary State and Strategic Directions of Developing the Information Environment of the North-Eastern Regions in Russia (With the Kamchatka Region as an Example)


Information environment is the basis for the contemporary economic systems development, and a component of the production infrastructure of any territory. The present article evaluates the state, analyzes the problems, and defines strategic perspectives of developing the information environment of the remote North-Eastern regions of Russia, with the Kamchatka Region as an example. The authors specify that the development of the information environment is a vitally important factor for the North-Eastern regions of Russia that are not directly connected with the continent by means of road-transport and train communication. It must provide stable economic growth and increase in the level of people’s life. According to the authors, the development of telecommunication infrastructure that connects information resources allocated territorially, and large-scale assimilation of geographic information systems based on contemporary communications must become the priority directions of developing the information environment of the North-Eastern regions.

Petruk GV, Shestak OI and Vlasenko AA

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