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Consumer Attitude towards M-Advertising Acceptance: A Cross-Sectional Study


M-advertising is emerging as a new channel of marketing communication The present research study revealed that if advertising messages are sent to the mobile phones of the m-users after getting their permission their attitude would turn positive towards the mobile- advertising. M-users would like to receive the advertising message on their personal devices like mobiles phones if those messages are customized to their profiles. Results of the present investigation and finding of the prior studies on m-advertising exhibited that the m-users attitudes would take the positive shape if the message are creative and content is informative or entertaining. Therefore advertisers should keep these three factors in mind while using m-advertising. M-advertisers should develop the message contents according to the preferences of the m-users and should use creative ideas to attract the consumers' attention. M-advertisers should also keep user interface and mobile formats in mind while developing the m-ads to make m-advertising effective.

Imran Mir

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