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Blockchain: Bitcoin Wallet Cryptography Security, Challenges and Countermeasures


Bitcoin has experienced rapid growth in the transactions number and in their value since its appearance in 2008. Its success is mainly due to the innovative use of a peer-to-peer network to implement all aspects of the currency life cycle, from creation to transfer between users. Bitcoin offers cash transactions that are almost instant and non-refundable, while allowing truly global transactions processed at the same speed as local ones. It offers a public transactions history, which allows untrusted audibility, and introduces many new and innovative use cases such as smart property, micropayments, contracts and escrow transactions for disputes mediation. However, the same features that make Bitcoin attractive to its end users are also its main limitations. Its decentralized nature limits the number of transactions and the speed at which transactions can be carried out and confirmed. The problem with slow confirmations is combined with the semantics of the confirmations which are not definitive, requiring several confirmations and further delaying the transaction acceptance. In this paper, we described the operating principles of peer-to-peer cryptographic currencies and especially security of bitcoin system. Moreover, For Bitcoin enhancements and additional mitigations we provide ideas for node auditing users in the network in aim to keep clients from the trusted transaction branch database generated by the attackers.

Er-Rajy L, El Kiram My A, El Ghazouani M, Achbarou O

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