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Banking Innovation in Ghana: Insight of Students - Adoption and Diffusion


This study seeks to determine a set of attributes that influence the adoption mobile banking innovation among university students in Ghana since most banks have started reaching their customers directly via mobile phones. A quantitative approach was used to obtain data collect from cohort of 550 undergraduate students who are frequent users of mobile phone devices. Data was analysed with SPSS software which measured factors such as relative advantage, compatibility, observability, complexity, perceived risk, trialability and service satisfaction as critical factors influencing the adoption of mobile banking in Ghana. Further, the study revealed that mobile banking was compatible with their life styles. This research adds value to existing studies on mobile banking especially in Sub Saharan African where adoption of mobile phone innovation has become the lifestyle of people hence commercial banks are using it to promote their services. Mobile banking projects Ghana as an emerging innovation adopter and a catalyst for Africa’s socio- economic development. Finally, it provides opportunity for marketers at strategic positions in telecommunication and banking sectors to focus on student cohort as essential target market for rapid growth.


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