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An Empirical Study on Indian Banking Scams by Top Business Holders


Indian Banking system is now in big trouble by giving large amount of loans and advances to the top business holders (borrowers) mainly due to political pressure and other internal banking management. This happens mainly in public sector units, as they provide loans and advances which is an asset to the banks is created out of deposits and interest amount. The reason behind failure of banking system is non performing asset which means decreasing an income to the banks and not yielding any interest from advances. Recently, Punjab national bank in 2018 has been dubbed as the biggest fraud in India’s banking history, estimated to be worth over Rs.13,000 crores in which several senior officials found to be involved. Despite government’s efforts the amount involved in banking frauds gone up to 73 percent.

RBI has released a data showing that in FY2019 banking sector reported 6,801 frauds involving a total amount of Rs.71,542 crores. Though various legal measures were launched by RBI, they have hardly had an impact on Indian banking system.

In this context, the study paper tries to find out the causes for poor performance of banking system i.e., fraud cases-Bank group wise and fraud cases-areas of operations. It also focuses on the impact on Indian banking and in what way banks have tried to recover the amount from top business frauds. It is an attempt to analyze how much amount involved in each Indian banking sector and also made an attempt to analyze how much amount involved in different areas of operations.


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