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An Empirical Model to Explain the Effects of Electronic Customer Relationship Management on Customer e-Satisfaction and e-Loyalty: Evidence from Iranian Service Shopping Websites


One of the most influential services provided in recent years, which have brought dramatic changes in the social system of different countries, are Internet and Web services. The desire to survive in a competitive environment has forced organizations to turn to solutions for gaining satisfaction and loyalty of customers and stakeholders. Extensive application of web technologies provides an opportunity for businesses to use internet as a tool for electronic customer relationship management. The objective of the present study was to analyze the effect of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) on customer e-satisfaction and e-loyalty of Mosalase-Rang shopping website ( Therefore, a sample of 300 users was randomly selected according to the formula of structural equation with the required volume. Data were collected using questionnaires. In addition, SPSS 18 and AMOS 20 programs were used for data analysis and hypotheses testing. The results of the study showed that e-CRM has a positive and significant effect on e-satisfaction and e-loyalty.

Safari M, Forouzandeh M and Safahani N

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