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An Empirical Investigation of Internet Banking Service Quality, Corporate Image and the Impact on Customer Satisfaction; With Special Reference to Sri Lankan Banking Sector


Technology advancement has modified fundamentals of marketing theories, particularly the banking sector. Internet Banking has emerged as the most critical form of customer interaction, encompassing the structural changes required by the banks to compete within the financial markets. With the emergence of digital channels, banks are confronted with margin pressures and intense competition. In addition the customer’s quest for personalized services has intensified with the implementing of internet banking. Service quality is a pre-requisite for customer satisfaction and in a virtual environment the task becomes even more challenging to banks. Despite the explosive growth in internet banking globally, some countries still lag behind the implementation process. Security concerns persist as a salient feature and may be detrimental for the growth of the internet banking. In sequence with prior studies conducted in other countries, Corporate Image is envisioning as a control dimension of Service quality. The present study explores the decipherable antecedents of Customer satisfaction and the deviation in fundamentals, with the inclusion of Corporate Image, in the Sri Lankan Banking Sector.


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