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A Conceptual Model of E-Service Quality at Branchless Banking in Indonesia


The digital era, the banking industry revolution and the globalization of the market, have an impact on all companies as well as on the branchless banking industry. Most companies try to attract customers and win the competition in the highly competitive electronics market. The purpose of this article is to examine the theoretical foundations of electronic service quality and develop conceptual models. Better quality electronic services will increase satisfaction and create good relationships with customers. Although the quality of electronic services is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers, research in this area is largely focused on identifying the dimensions of electronic service quality without paying deeper attention to the mechanisms behind perceived quality. Measuring the quality of electronic services in banking is very important in achieving a high customer base. This article proposes a conceptual model to measure the quality of electronic branchless banking services, helps develop an appropriate scale to measure the quality of electronic services in the branchless banking industry, helps maintain and improve the performance and effectiveness of electronic service quality to retain customers.

Dedy Ansari Harahap

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