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Two New Reader Services

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The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce is pleased to announce two new services: IBC-Forum and the Compendium of Internet Banking and Commerce Initiatives
JIBC-Compendium is your opportunity to briefly describe and draw attention to global developments in Internet banking and commerce. These may be products, services, government policies, books or other notices you feel are important to fellow professionals.
When posting to Compendium, we ask that you identify yourself and provide email or Web addresses where further information about the initiative can be found.
IBC-Forum is an online discussion for commerce and banking industry experts, developers, academics and practitioners in the field. The general subject of discussion is "How Internet banking and commerce are evolving in the New Economy."
The discussion will be conducted using email and the Internet/Web. Subscription is open and entails no cost or other obligation to participants.
IBC-Forum is open to anyone who wishes to either contribute or read comments. The Moderator will propose questions to get discussions going but participants are free to raise other relevant questions and issues. The Moderator will allow considerable latitude, but will edit/remove postings that are clearly inappropriate or irrelevant.
To subscribe:
Send email to [email protected]
Body of message (NOT Subject): subscribe
To Contribute to Discussions:
Send mail to [email protected]
IBC-Forum is sponsored by the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce and by ARRAY Development of Ottawa, Canada
The initial Moderator is Tom McKegney of Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. Interested readers are invited to volunteer to take on the Moderator role.
Please mail comments on either of these new services to:
[email protected]