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Strategic Role of Mobile Commerce Payment System


Division of Real Estate Economics and Finance, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

*Corresponding Author:
Alexander, Division of Real Estate Economics and Finance, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 09-05-2022, Manuscript No. jibc-22-51227; Editor assigned date: 11-05-2022, Pre QC No. jibc-22-51227(PQ); Reviewed date: 26-05-2022, QC No. jibc-22-51227; Revision date: 09-06-2022, Manuscript No: jibc-22-51227(Q); Published date: 10-06-2022

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A mobile grounded payment system or m-commerce is an arising issue of ecommerce in Malaysia. It's honored by both academia and interpreters as one of the fastest growing and preferable medium of making business deals. This study delved the benefits of m-commerce payment system, and services satisfaction on m- commerce providers. Repliers were those who had endured using this mode of payment. The main objects of the study were to determine the position of m-commerce mindfulness in Malaysia b to determine the position of mcommerce payment system operation among Malaysian c to determine the position of m-commerce payment terrain among Malaysian and d to determine the relationship between payment system and payment terrain toward mcommerce services satisfaction. The results show that m- commerce is another tool that's both largely impalpable and possesses specific characteristics. It can be developed and made as another avenue for enterprises to produce competitive advantage.

Principally, online payment processing lets guests buy online, offline, and over mobile phone bias. Advancement of ICT has made online payment come one of the most popular modes of payments. Online payment system of e-commerce covers different payment mechanisms, which clearly affect enterprises business practices. Similar script clearly leads to the need for discussion on motorists and impediments of particular payment systems, which include issues related to business policy. Specifically, the analyses are related to development and donation of online payment systems as well as unborn issues and challenges. Enterprises who have clear and strategic approaches on addressing these matters should be suitable to serve their guests more. For that reason, some studies have been conducted, as those done by Accenture. In 2001 European Institute for Research and Strategic Management, Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter and Morrison,worked specifically for better understanding of these issues. Mobile drivers have a crucial part in m-commerce. They're the proprietor and director of the networks that link m-commerce offers to implicit guests. Principally they've vast experience in prepaid and post paid billing, and knowledge about essential issues, similar as profitable conciliation for roving guests. They also give the robust and scalable networks needed for securing mcommerce deals. So, working with mates similar as alcatel should enable mobile grounded drivers to speed up the process to secure payment results via m commerce. Alcatel Lucent reported that m-commerce is an economic and growing market. According to the ARC Group, about 57 million people worldwide spentUS$2.3 billion in 2002 on m- commerce purchases and the number grew up to 546 million druggies with total spent ofUS$39.3 billion in 2007. Still, the capability of m- commerce is still questionable, with some druggies not stratified with certain aspects of it. Monica 2000 mentioned that Wireless Application Protocol WAP services were disappointing, particularly in Northern Europe countries, where mobile dispatches are most advanced and consumers know well the limitations of the wireless Web. In addition, Collier, 2000 chased, contrary to conventional perspectives on m-commerce, that forward- allowing marketers shouldn't view m-commerce as e-commerce with limitations, but rather as wireless in its own unique medium, with its own unique benefits.

Enterprises using m-commerce were like others who continuously introduced new products and services. Similar commitment would enlarge their request content and eventuality to reach lesser situations of society. One innovative operation of mobile technology is in the fiscal services sector. In numerous developing countries, m-commerce has not spread completely especially in pastoral areas. This has led a large chance of them to operate on cash base only or outdoors the formal banking system. Still, the proliferation of mobile services in some of these countries has created a unique occasion for banks to give fiscal services over the mobile network at least at major metropolises. In light of the growing size of transnational and public remittances, this occasion could have significant counter accusations Wishart, 2006. Unfortunately, in reality, mcommerce is frequently a largely frustrating experience. Assiduity spectators attribute this debit to the childhood of mobile technology, but they believe 3G third generation wireless digital cellular telephone technology networks could change the situation Cohn, 2001. Still, people in utmost developing countries are still sceptical on using m-commerce. This study will be probing the factor affecting the payment demand and problem face by m commerce.

The exploration frame which easily indicates two independent variables as a payment system through m-commerce and b micro payment terrain. The literature shows that the payment system through m- commerce has a high influence on client satisfaction. This study is designed to measure whether the position of satisfaction among people who are using the payment system through m-commerce is analogous to those developed countries. Dimension This study used 5 point Likert scale that ranged from explosively agree to explosively differ with fastening on the operation and perpetration of m-commerce in the particulars of the questionnaire. The variable measures are to test to which extend m- commerce payments would impact the request and how it could enhance the performance of the Malaysian information technology grounded enterprises.

The data were collected from multiple economics and social backgrounds. Still, the sample size was small because utmost of the repliers were using ordinary mobile phones which don't include 3G beside others and other functions which are related to m- commerce mobile phones. The data was collected from those who are using the m-commerce services. The data were collected from those who are using the 3G mobile phone, PDA or smart phone. These repliers were members of our target population. These repliers were from different artificial backgrounds which represent different situations of knowledge and working gests in the m-commerce ore-commerce operation. The data was gathered within a month and illustrates the particulars of every construct.

Grounded on the check, the manly repliers were slight advanced than the womanish bones as they represented53.8 percent of the repliers. The results also indicated that74.4 percent of the repliers are progressed between 18- 29 times old, followed by those progressed between 30- 35 times old times or25.6 percent. In addition,33.3 percent of the repliers were Malay while Indians and Chinese were holding10.3 percent each and others held46.2 percent. In terms of education, results show that56.4 percent of the repliers were having master degree 38.5 percent were having a bachelorette degree and6.1 percent with advanced parchment.

Descriptive Statistic on Benefit of M-Commerce describes repliers perception on each of the particulars in the construct. Generally repliers did agree with all the particulars on benefits of m- commerce system. For illustration, the item mobilecommerce payment system is accessible to use recorded 69.2 percent of repliers agreeing with the statement. The alternate item mobile commerce payment software is stoner friendly recorded 59.0 percent of repliers agreeing with the statement. The third item Mobile Commerce payment saves time recorded 53.8 percent of repliers agreeing with the statement. The fourth item Mobile Commerce payment is cost effective result recorded 56.4 percent of repliers agreeing with the statement. The fifth item Mobile Commerce payment has dropped the hedge to enter the request place recorded 51.3 percent of the repliers agreeing with the statement. The sixth item Mobile Commerce payment saves mortal resource recorded 43.6 percent of the repliers agreeing with the statement. Meanwhile the final item Mobile Commerce technology is safe to use indicated 66.7 percent of the repliers agreeing with the statement. Overall, the position of benefits of m-commerce payment system is high which is with the value of mean 4.00.