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JIBC Editorial

By Gord Jenkins
E-mail: [email protected]

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Globalization And Convergence & JIBC

Welcome to another edition of JIBC – now in our 8th year – Volume number #1 was about this time in 1996. One of our original columnists David Birch is still with us! We have added more columnists and one thing I have noticed they are not just from America and central Europe. If you notice in Volume 8 we have had contributors of quality from the Middle East and Asia Pacific on Commerce and Banking. I hope to add from Central and South America/Africa to future editions. Articles are solicited from these areas please. This is a sure trend of Internet globalization of banking and commerce.

The Journal is called and will remain the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. The second trend is that Commerce and Banking are no longer in a neat category or compartments all on their own. The walls are not down nor only between these disciplines but just about every other one you can name. Personal banking in retail chains such as grocery stores involves the retail sector trends. Phone and cellular banking involves the security and communication sector of expertise. Another sure trend is the convergence of Internet banking and commerce in all sectors. And this includes government sector as well. We hope to receive articles on Electronic Government as well – pass the word!

So we will remain the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce – but we will keep be quietly changing with the times and be putting more emphasis on the Journal of the Internet – do you agree? Please let me know what you think.

Gord Jenkins
[email protected]
Editor JIBC