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Gen Y Members’ Mobile Banking Adoption Intention and Actual Use in Azerbaijan and Turkey: The Technology Acceptance Model and Social Cognitive Theory Approach

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This study aimed to incorporate Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) to identify the determinants of Gen Y members’ mobile banking adoption intention and actual use with smart phones as medium of internet access, by comparing Azerbaijan and Turkey. This quantitative study with data from 1047 active mobile banking users among Azerbaijan and Turkish young customers through convenient sampling technique found that ease of use, trust, compatibility with lifestyle, and online customer service are significantly related to adoption intention of mobile banking in both countries, which in its turn significantly influences actual use of mobile banking via smartphone in both countries. This study validated the TAM and SCT in mobile banking context, especially comparing two countries. Banks in Azerbaijan and Turkey can use results re-design the mobile banking services to attract more young customers, by considering they have branches in these countries.

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