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From the JIBC Publisher

By Nahum Goldmann, ARRAY Development, Ottawa, Canada
Publisher and Member of the Editorial Board, JIBC
Email: [email protected]

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JIBC started to be published in January 1996. To the best of my knowledge, ours is the only academic/professional journal that has been published on Internet for 10 uninterrupted years! Since '96 Internet has seen the start of numerous interesting publications with issue #1. Out of many thousands, ours is the only one with Vol. 10 in the byline.

I would like to thank these authors and subscribers who have been with us for all these 10 year. It was a bumpy ride both for our journal and the eCommerce business subject. Both matured considerably since then, but there is still a big way to go.

Those of you who know Gord Jenkins, JIBC legendary Founding Chief Editor-Emeritus and Member of Editorial Board (or just know people who know Gord, or even heard of Gord but never talked to him) -- never mind, do not hesitate to email Gord and pass your regards. I know that Gord would much appreciate your personal messages and any nostalgic feedback. Gord's seasoned but still young face and his email address grace the recently refreshed JIBC Editorial Board page

As well, with JIBC Chief Editor Prof. Nikhil Agarwal, I would like to greet several recently joined us contributing editors and wish them (and us) productive editorial contribution and many happy returns for the JIBC distinguished Editorial Board!

This year the main challenge for JIBC is a smooth transition from a leading research/professional journal on the subject of eCommerce and eBanking, to become the world's leader among the peer-reviewed academic publications. For Prof. Agarwal and a member of the JIBC Editorial Board Dr. Jean-Michel Sahut, who agreed to spearhead this transition, it is undoubtedly a challenge.

I have recently visited The Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle Grande Ecole, and have had a privilege to present students with the lectures on profitability models for transactional ecommerce. Jean- Michel Sahut, as the dean for research of the Sup de Co La Rochelle Group, has his own number of challenges. Still, I am confident that both Nikhil Agarwal and Jean-Michel Sahut, together with all other members of the Editorial Board, will be successful in this difficult transition to the peer-reviewed JIBC.

Again, I am asking each and every one of you, our readers and subscribers, to email JIBC to at least 3 of your colleagues, friends and discussion groups that you are participating at, and recommend that they also subscribe.

As well, I am challenging all the current and past authors and editors to email your articles -- along with the rest of JIBC edition -- to at least 10 of your peers and colleagues in academia, government and industry. Make sure they are aware of your articles and the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. Recommend that they also subscribe to email editions. After all, we send it around just 2-3 times a year.

A special appeal to ecommerce/ebusiness students to pass a word about JIBC to your professors and classmates and, more important, to ask them to supply new articles and tell everybody to subscribe.

Let's spread the word!