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From the JIBC Publisher

By: Nahum Goldmann

Email: nahum.goldmann (at)

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I start by recommending to all JIBC readers, and especially senior executives, professionals and academics, to consider active participation at the First Global Conference on Effectiveness, Profitability, Accountability and Investment Climate of eCommerce, eFinance and eGovernance (eCommerce Effectiveness and Profitability 2006) that JIBC is sponsoring, see Thanks to dedicated effort by Prof. Nikhil Agarwal, Head of ECEP 2006 Organizing Committee and his capable team, this event promises to become a major global milestone in the history of ecommerce academic research and advanced practice.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Gord Jenkins, our retiring Chief Editor. His leadership has always been much appreciated and he will be still a large part of the editorial team. From now on Gord will be listed as the Founding Chief Editor-Emeritus and Member of the Editorial Board on the JIBC Web site. We all hope he will support JIBC and, more important, that his wife and himself still enjoy good health in the years to come.

With Gord leaving, I am pleased to announce that Prof. Nikhil Agarwal, currently our India Contributing Editor, has graciously agreed to become JIBC new Chief Editor. As some of you might know, Nik is currently quite busy with setting up JIBC-sponsored eCommerce Effectiveness and Profitability 2006 conference in Goa as the Head of its Organizing Committee.

Nik has interesting plans for our Journal, particularly to move it towards a refereed academic publication, or at least some parts of it. He thinks it's a great opportunity for us to bring JIBC to a new level and increase its visibility and circulation, making it a definitive publication in its subject area. In that, he would have to fill very large shoes of Gord, our Founding Chief Editor whose relentless drive brought JIBC to the current positive state of development. Again, I'd much appreciate it if you give Nik your active support and advise him on how to achieve these challenging objectives.

A good news is that this JIBC issue is among the best. A bad news is that my Internet provider's filters marked it as spam. This is quite serious, as they use just common standard filter software. It means that possibly half of our readers will not be able to get the email edition.

Frankly, it is meaningless for us to find out what the filter does not like. Perhaps it is the word "ecommerce" repeated many times. Even if we change it and find what triggers it, these filters readjust hourly and hence we are doomed. This is a direct result of spammers making life miserable for legitimate users, which is their main goal anyway.

The only practical solution that I can see is for our Mailing List Managing Editor Anne-Marie Jennings to issue ahead a very brief message to watch for JIBC being issued in the next 24 hours so our readers can look at their filter reject boxes, if they would like to read the new JIBC issue. The penalty is that it effectively doubles the number of emails that we are issuing in a year.

What do you think? Do any of you see a better solution? Please email our new Chief Editor or me if you see it.

I enjoyed reading all the articles in the new issue; frankly, it is one of the main perks of being a member of the JIBC Editorial Board. As a researcher, the closest ones to my own subject of interest are two articles by Tom Buschman and Niki Panourgias on the new role of corporate treasuries and the development of globally connected financial services; as well as by Kalyan Chakravarthy Bondugula and Akash Maiti on the future of SWIFT; both are first class and I and my colleagues could definitely learn from them.

Edwin Jacobs provided an exhaustive review of the leading academic ICT-law programs in the European Union. It would be interesting to publish similar reviews for all the others vertical and geographic segments or global ecommerce, ebanking and ebusiness. Joachim Zentes described activities of the Institute for Commerce & International Marketing at the Saarland University. My request to all our readers to consider supplying similar reference and review materials to JIBC.

Again I am asking each and every one of you, our readers and subscribers, to email JIBC to at least 3 of your colleagues, friends and discussion groups that you are participating at, and recommend that they also subscribe.

As well, I am challenging all the current and past authors and editors to email your articles -- along with the rest of JIBC edition -- to at least 10 of your peers and colleagues in academia, government and industry. Make sure they are aware of your articles and the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce! Recommend that they also subscribe to email editions. After all, we only send it around 2-3 times a year.

A special appeal to ecommerce/ebusiness students to pass a word about JIBC to your professors and classmates and, more important, to ask them to supply new articles and tell everybody to subscribe.

Let's spread the word!

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