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First Author's Name: Nahum Goldmann

First Author's Title/Affiliation: ARRAY Development, Ottawa, Canada; Publisher and Member of the Editorial Board, JIBC
Author's Personal/Organizational Website:
Email: Nahum.Goldmann (at) ARRAYDev.Com
Brief Biographic Description: Nahum Goldmann, President, ARRAY Development, is a leading expert and a lecturer on building and securing ebanking and ecommerce, procurement, financial and governance solutions, as well as regulatory and government policy issues.

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Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, From the JIBC Publisher

Global Competitive Strategies

I just came from Pune, India, which I visited at the kind invitation of our distinguished Editor-in-Chief Prof. Nikhil Agarwal, here in his capacity as the Director of Zensar Center for Business Innovation (ZCBI). At ZCBI Post Graduate Program in Business Transformation I gave a cycle of interactive lectures on Global Competitive Strategies for Technology-Based Organizations to Nikhil’s cohort of very capable students eager to learn how to win in the new global economy.

I did encourage the students to subscribe to JIBC – hopefully we will have a number of new proactive users eager to employ the wealth of academic research and practical experience represented by this publication. My special greetings are to all those students who did subscribe, both from ZCBI and the rest of the world. (By the way, anyone who might be interested in engaging globally-oriented business transformation professionals is encouraged to contact Nikhil, and hopefully will not be disappointed in the outcome).

In preparation to my trip, I have read numerous eyewitness accounts about India’s economic boom, with the emerging middle class establishing itself as the major global player. Still, I was quite impressed with the pace of change and the sophistication and modernity of the emerging Indian technological and business society. Nowhere it is more apparent than in Pune, which is rapidly establishing itself as a major high-tech hub of India and the world.

My trip made me to think more carefully of the global value of articles published by JIBC. It appears to me that encouraging effective globalization should be a personal business for all of us, especially the crew of JIBC authors and editors.

For instance, it would be interesting and effective if every JIBC author from the developing country were to invite as a co-author a leading expert from the developed country ─ and vice versa. I.e., together you can explore whether solutions already working in one economy are applicable to some other. Most likely it will be an effective and cross-beneficial learning process, whose outcome would be useful for the rest of the world. (Feel free to drop us a line with the alternative proposal on how to organize cooperation of academics and practitioners in different economic societies).

Again, I am asking each and every one of you, our readers and subscribers, to email JIBC to at least 3 of your colleagues, friends and discussion groups that you are participating at, and recommend that they also subscribe. Please share information about JIBC articles with the Internet community and suggest to us new ways to promote JIBC among academics and professionals from around the globe.

As well, I am challenging all the current and past authors and editors to email your own articles -- along with the rest of JIBC edition -- to at least 10 of your peers and colleagues in academia, government and industry. Make sure that they are well aware of your articles and the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. Recommend that they also subscribe to email editions. After all, we send it around just 3-4 times a year.

A special appeal to ecommerce/ebusiness students to pass a word about JIBC to your professors and classmates and, more important, to ask them to supply new articles and tell everybody to subscribe.

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