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From JIBC Publisher

By: Nahum Goldmann

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I am immensely proud to repeat what I wrote as JIBC Publisher many years back, in September 1996 (please do look time to time at JIBC archives at, you might find the material there most enlightening):

*** "...Very few electronic publications survive beyond Volume 1, Number 1. Both I and ARRAY Development are very proud to see JIBC appear for the fifth time and enter its second year of existence. [and soon it will be the 10th year!, indeed time is running fast when you have that much fun -- ng]

"To publish a serious Journal is always a struggle for quality and relevance. We have been very fortunate in attracting first rate authors and contributing editors. Their insights and commentaries inform and entertain nearly 1,000 subscribers to our email edition and thousands of visitors to the Web archive.

"One attraction of an electronic format is that there's always room for new contributors to inform our readership and to analyze both ongoing and proposed initiatives. Can you provide insight into which banks are providing serious services over the Internet? Which Internet catalog stores make money? Which airlines have Internet sales programs that really make a difference? How do you convert tire kickers into customers?

"If you have an idea for an article or continuing column, please email a brief proposal to [our most capable and distinguished Chief Editor Gord Jenkins [email protected]].

"Whether you are a subscriber or contributor, your participation in JIBC is important. Internet banking and commerce are practical activities whose real value lies not in the misplaced media excitement but rather in the transactional delivery of everyday services. Much of what is happening has important implications; some developments are very transitory. Working together, we can maintain JIBC as the pre-eminent forum for sorting the grain from the chaff.

"That was the goal we set for JIBC a year ago. It remains our goal for the year, and the years, ahead."


What more could I add today to the above? We are staying on the same editorial course and every word is as relevant today as it was in 1996.

I am asking you, our readers and subscribers, to email JIBC to at least 3 of your colleagues, friends and discussion groups that you are participating at and recommend that they also subscribe.

As well, I am challenging all the current and past authors and editors to email your articles - along with the rest of JIBC edition - to at least 10 of your peers and colleagues in academia, government and industry. Make sure they are aware of your articles and the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce! Recommend that they also subscribe.

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