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As I mentioned in previous Editorials, every once in a while it is time to update and revamp – to keep the good but add new ideas. We have been doing this in the last two edition- hopefully you have noticed.

The Editorial Team has been emphasizing having a broader or global perspective – rather than a North America/Europe centric focus.

We have now new regular contributing editors this edition for – in alphabetical order – Australia, Africa, Japan’ Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore and one on security based in the U.K. Please check out

for their names and background. Of both the new ones plus our “old “ ones.

We are still looking for someone from South America and the Caribbean to round out the global perspective.

I would particularly also like to thank the support of the publisher Nahum Goldmann and the Assistant Editor Robert Xin Luo.

Read, enjoy and give us your feedback on how we are doing.

Well this is my last Editorial for JIBC as I will be – as they say” moving on. I have enjoyed my almost 10 years of the “on again – off again” Editor of JIBC. The Journal of Internet Banking now – with this issue – is where I always wanted it to be – a global respected Journal on internet banking and commerce. This excellent Edition proves JIBC is almost there. And always leave when you are on top – and this Edition is “tops” Enjoy.

Gord Jenkins
Editor JIBC