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ABA Call for Participation - Electronic Commerce Working Groups

Walter Effross

Subcommittee Chair Associate Professor, Washington College of Law, American University

Phone: (202) 274-4210

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The American Bar Association's Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce invites judges, practitioners, legal academics, and law students to participate in its existing projects and to suggest new issues for its Working Groups to address.

Because much of the Subcommittee's activity is conducted "virtually"- through e-mail, Web sites, and teleconference calls- active contribution does not require regular attendance at ABA meetings. In short, the Subcommittee offers the opportunity to become involved, to the degree that you wish to contribute and without necessarily leaving your office, in shaping many of the most complex and rapidly- developing areas of today's commercial law.

All members of the Subcommittee must be members of the American Bar Association, its Business Law Section, and the Section's Committee on Cyberspace Law. For information on joining (reduced rates are available for government lawyers and for law students), call (312) 988-5522, e-mail, or visit:

The home page of the Committee on Cyberspace Law is:

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