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The study aims to examine factors that influence an individual’s intention to adopt internet banking service based on the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA). This theory consists of four factors; two exogenous variables are attitude, subjective norm, and two endogenous variables are behavior intention and Internet Banking Service Adoption (IBSA) (actual behavior). This paper also aims to examine the validity of TRA model on IBSA setting in Jordan. This study uses a survey data of 700 Jordanian public university employees how used internet banking services. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was performed to examine the reliability and validity of the measurement. The structural equation modeling techniques (Amos 6.0) were used to evaluate the casual model. Results of the study demonstrate the strong predictive power of the original TRA model to explain IBSA in Jordan. Finding this study indicates that the significant relationship between customers attitude, subjective norm and their intention to adopt IBS, moreover this study highlight that positive affecting of customers intention and IBSA.

Ayed AL-Muala, Malek AL-Majali, Mamdouh AL Ziadat

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