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Internal Governance Mechanisms and Commercial Performance of Tunisian Financial Institutions


Purpose: Financial institutions are always in touch with customers, therefore, many support for commercial performance needs to be addressed in order to be more competitive. Then, this research is an attempt to present some aspects of this performance. Indeed, the performance of companies represents a very varied field of study. And, through its mechanisms, governance is a tool for improving performance. The purpose of this article is to inspect the effects of internal governance mechanisms on the commercial performance of Tunisian financial institutions. Result: Data econometrics is used to study a sample of 34 financial institutions. We find that the results dealing with the impact of governance on commercial performance are mixed. Some mechanisms have a positive effect while others have a negative effect. Only the variables “effectiveness of the board, confidence, organizational culture and importanceof the existence of an auditing” has positively and significantly affected the commercial performance of Tunisian financial institutions. On the other hand, the variable “incentive system of managers by the remuneration” negatively affects this performance. Originality/value: Theoretically, the commercial performance of Tunisian financial institutions is an extension and a supplement to the literature on financial institutions. This article is, therefore, a source of ideas and information on the Tunisian financial sector. And, empirically, this study is an attempt to assess the existing association between commercial performance and internal governance mechanisms in the Tunisian financial sector.

Nejia Nekaa, Boudabbous Sami

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