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Factors Affecting Intentions to Use Banking Services in Yemen


The  issue  of  attracting  customers’  usage  of  banking  services  has  been  solved  in developed countries, as well as in some Middle East countries. However, in Yemen, it is still  unpredictable,  where  most  of  people do  not  use  bank  services  to facilitate  their financial  needs.  Therefore,  it  has  caused  a  real  problem  in  the  Yemeni  economy. Consequently,  this  research  targets  to  close  the  gap  by  investigating  the  factors influencing  Yemeni's  consumers  who  possibly  differ  from  consumers  in  the  developed countries  in  terms  of  their  psychological,  cultural  and  behavior  to  use  the  banking system.  Data  were  collected through  questionnaires  collected  from  university  students and  analyzed  by  SPSS  version  17.  Proposed  hypotheses  were  statistically  tested  by means of factor analysis, correlation and regression analysis. This study came out with rich results and highlighted that the relationship between, service quality, banking Legal framework,  bank  advertisement  are  significant  and  positive  on  behavioral  intention except  cultural  belief  where  it  was  significant  but  played  a  negative  role    in  using  the banking system in Yemen.


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