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The aim of this paper is to develop a reliable and valid CRM (Customer relationship management) scale specifically catering to Indian banking sector. An exhaustive review of literature on CRM was followed by depth interview and questionnaire survey. Exploratory factor analysis was followed by confirmatory factor analysis, which was presented in three forms; the single factor model, covariance model and the structural model. The covariance model shows CRM in Indian banking sector as a multidimensional construct comprising of factors namely organizational structure and customer support, service quality, trust, technology, personalization and market orientation. The structural model validates the previously extracted factors along with their indicators. The findings of this study validate the long held belief that CRM is a multidimensional construct and serves as a critical success factor for business performance. Since this study was conducted in context of Indian banking sector, the generalizability of the CRM scale has to be tested in other countries. A fair amount of literature on Indian banking sector dealt with identifying factors explaining the constructs of quality, value or satisfaction. But there is paucity of research pertaining to industry specific CRM scale development and validation. This study is an attempt to bridge this gap in the existing literature. It provides a conceptually validated CRM scale catering to Indian banking sector, which can help the managers in implementing the CRM in an effective manner and also can be used as a tool to identify the major areas requiring attention.

Arun Kumar Agariya, Deepali Singh

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