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Are Customers Ready to use Mobile Technology for Banking Transactions? An investigation


Universally, a new business model is taking over the decisions in the banking industry incorporating mobile applications on smartphones. It is slated to organically change the business value proposition. Mobile devices, it is reported, are poised even to subtly replace the traditional banking operations and processes. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for mobile applications already in 2008 predicted mass institutionalization for Mobile Banking as late in 2015-16 (Gartner, 2008). A few thinkers estimated tech-savvy consumers and wireless technology to create markets ripe for Mobile Banking (Laukkanen and Lauronen, 2005). However, Mobile Banking’s wide adoption still remains low even within the established markets. This is contrary to the lusty dust that was raised within research and practice for long. Regarding the US market primarily, only 9 percent of the consumers in 2012 used mobile financial services (TNS Infratest Global and Kantar, 2012).

Susobhan Goswami

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