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This research work was initiated with a main objective of providing progressively higher degree of security in online banking (web banking) for future generation Internet banking. The underlying knowledge models are represented using petrinet formalism in all the phases and systems. The plan is also represented using petrinets. Hierarchical timed petrinets (HTPN) is used for our modeling, since it captures the temporal requirements of the real time online banking operations as well as facilitates the modeling of the large-scale system with multiple levels of abstraction. The necessary primitives for the plan representation including concurrency, synchronization, temporal, activity sequencing, mutual exclusion, resource constraints and decision making actions are defined using petrinet constructs. The static and dynamic actions as well as resource modeling are illustrated using timed petrinet model, developed using HPsim tool. Planning a petrinet framework is one of the easy understandable ways of representing complex problems and various issues involved. We have presented some simulation models for representing the complex web-banking model which is common for multiple banks.

Sree Rekha Gurajala, V.K.Agrawal

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