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From the JIBC Publisher

First Author's Name: Nahum Goldmann
First Author's Title/Affiliation: ARRAY Development, Ottawa, Canada; Publisher and Member of the Editorial Board, JIBC
Author's Personal/Organizational Website:
Email: Nahum.Goldmann (at) ARRAYDev.Com
Brief Biographic Description: Nahum Goldmann, President, ARRAY Development, is a leading expert and a lecturer on building and securing ebanking and ecommerce, procurement, financial and governance solutions, as well as regulatory and government policy issues.

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Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, From the JIBC Publisher

Moving Ahead: On the Positive Growth

From time to time it might be useful to look anew at various pages on the JIBC Web site. Today I invite you, our esteemed reader, to join us in a virtual travel to our Editorial Board page, where you might find some new faces and some familiar names with the new responsibilities. The changes in the Editorial Board reflect the positive growth of the JIBC academic and professional community.

First, my congratulations to JIBC Editor-in-Chief Prof. Nikhil Agarwal on his new exciting appointment as the founding head of Zensar Global Business School in Pune, India. Well done Nikhil!

Second, Prof. Joshua Fogel, who for the last couple of years has been spearheading JIBC academic reference publications activities and, jointly with Dr. Agarwal, worked on ensuring high academic standard of JIBC peer-reviewed research papers, has agreed to fill the newly-established position of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief. JIBC listings growth in the leading academic reference publications and search engines (see is a good reflection of Joshua's activities. Again, my sincere thanks to Nikhil Agarwal, Joshua Fogel, our Managing Editor Xin "Robert" Luo and Mailing List Managing Editor Anne-Marie Jennings for their determined effort in putting together this highly regarded publication that deals with the innovation in ecommerce, ebusiness and ebanking areas.

I would also like to welcome a new Contributing Editor from the Latin America, Prof. Carlo G. P. Bellini from Universidade Federal da Paraba (UFPB) at João Pessoa, Brazil (which has a distinction to be the easternmost city of the Americas!) We have high hopes for Dr. Bellini's participation at the JIBC Editorial Board and are especially happy that our editorial representation of high economic growth BRIC countries (Brasil, Russia, India and China) has been heightened. We are looking forward to new exciting contributions from these countries.

Speaking of the positive growth, I have read with particular interest the article of Guosong Shao from University of Alabama on the diffusion of online banking: research trends in the current JIBC issue. This quantitative study clearly reflects the growth in JIBC's academic stature. Clearly, our comprehensive multi-subject publication is among the subject leaders even when compared with the most reputable international publications that specialize in ecommerce and ebanking innovation.

Again, I am asking each and every one of you, our readers and subscribers, to email JIBC to at least 3 of your colleagues, friends and discussion groups that you are participating at, and recommend that they also subscribe. On page you will find links to posting our publication to Digg this, and Slashdot. Please share information about JIBC articles with the Internet community and suggest to us new ways to promote JIBC among the academic and professional communities around the globe.

As well, I am challenging all the current and past authors and editors to email your own articles -- along with the rest of JIBC edition -- to at least 10 of your peers and colleagues in academia, government and industry. Make sure they are aware of your articles and the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce. Recommend that they also subscribe to email editions. After all, we send it around just 3-4 times a year.

A special appeal to ecommerce/ebusiness students to pass a word about JIBC to your professors and classmates and, more important, to ask them to supply new articles and tell everybody to subscribe.

Please contact us with the suggestion of how to submit information on JIBC to other leading search engines and academic reference publications. Also, if you notice publications referring to JIBC articles, please let us know.

Let's spread the word!

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