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Investigating the Determinants Impacting Adoption of Mobile Banking: Evidence from Jammu and Kashmir


Innovative insurgency and monetary advancements have cut a path for the improvement of new, successful, productive and solid conveyance and preparing channels. It has prompted the presentation of creative items and administrations in the banking industry. The plot of internet banking/web banking is losing its hold and relentlessly, the consumers are moving towards M-banking. Regardless of the fact that the idea of mobile banking is moderately new in Jammu and Kashmir when contrasted with Internet banking, it is fundamental to inspect what a user looks forward before adjusting to the innovative headway and what are the essential advances that ought to be taken, to guarantee that clients continue lining up with this innovation since every user is not prepared to acknowledge mobile banking services. This investigation was completed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and using purposive sampling method, 460 respondents were focused on which finally resulted in 403 functional responses. The results uncovered that six dimensions (perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, facilitating conditions, relative advantage, trust and awareness) have a positive influence on users intention to acknowledge mobile banking while as two determinants (social influence and perceived risk) have a negative influence. Considering the developing significance of mobile banking in users’ day to day affairs, this investigation is a substantial contribution. The outcomes of this investigation will provide useful insights to the academicians, policymakers as well as to marketers. Future analysts can concentrate on stretching out this investigation to different enterprises by including additional determinants.

Junaid Hassan

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