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Bank Failure Prevention: Is there a Missing Link in Literature? A perspective from Nigeria


As rich and impressive as it is, the burgeoning banking literature misses out a vital link with bank failure prevention –and incredibly does not offer clue about it. As its purpose, this paper identifies the missing link and highlights its significance for sound, safe and successful banking.The paper draws on the author’s experience of bank failures as a practitioner, consultant and author on banking for more than a quarter of a century, starting 1991. There were interviews, discussions and interactions with several bank insiders. The literature, documentaries about bank failures, and regulatory publications were equally consulted.The findings are instructive: banks fail in countries around the world despite elaborate literature, regulation and strict laws meant to guide their operations; the literature lacks a framework of practice that weaves the main themes of the banking theories in order to optimise their value towards prevention of bank failures; current theories tend to overemphasise moral hazard, giving erroneous impression that all banking wrongdoings derive from it –yet moral hazard is a symptom of a more deep–seated banking rot, ostensibly going on undetected; regulatory issues contribute to bank failures –often regulators are found wanting as the stakeholder watchdog.

Leonard Onyiriuba

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