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The literature on online banking adoption generally finds experience to be a positive factor in online banking use. In contrast, this research suggests a more complex relationship between experience and online banking. Experience is found to have a negative effect on online banking use through its impact on the perceived ease of use (PEOU) and perceived usefulness (PU) of online banking. While counterintuitive, these finding are hypothesized to reflect the fact that greater intensity of use diminishes PEOU because as an individual gains experience with more complex and sophisticated applications in the bank web site, the user becomes increasingly aware of the difficulty of making the most of that technology. It is further hypothesized that greater frequency of use diminishes the PU of a web site because the perception of usefulness of a web site depends on marginal utility, not total utility.

Daniel D. Singer, Babu G. Baradwaj, Susan Flaherty, Francis Rugemer

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