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Technological Developments in the Indian Banking Industry: The Delayed Flaw


Given that technological advancements in the banking sector in industrialized nations have been appeared to build efficiency of this industry around the globe, then why did India modest far from embracing this technology until the 1990s? Why has India been a late adopter of technology in the banking business when it could have received the rewards from the current R&D ability created by trend-setters and early adopters? This article diagrams the way of technological advancement in the Indian banking industry post-monetary progression (1991-1992) and recognizes beginning conditions as far as aggressive condition and administrative weights that have added to the dispersion of these developments. The article highlights the sector of worker's openly division banks and their underlying restriction to technological appropriation. The exact investigation exhibits the predominant execution of the early adopters of technology (private banks and public banks) as measured by profitability, returns on value, and piece of the pie, when contrasted with the late or uninvolved adopters (public sector banks).

Ashok Kumar

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