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Role of Agricultural Import Substitution Policy in Ensuring Food Safety of the Country


The article considers historical aspects of occurring the notion “import substitution” as well as positive and negative consequences of this policy impact on the national economy, as a whole. Besides, it analyzes the latest tendencies related to pursuing the policy of import substitution in agriculture of the Russian Federation. Herewith, it considers the interrelation between pursuing the policy of import substitution in agriculture and food safety of regions. The authors consider the essence of the notion “regional food safety”, as well as risks and criteria related to ensuring food safety on the level of the region. When defining the basic goals of the import substitution policy to ensure food safety, the authors analyze the areas of improving the doctrine of food safety and other statutory documents used within the import substitution policy to ensure food safety of the country.

Nadezhda Vasilievna Sedova, Nikolay Nikolaevich Gagiev, Dariya Mikhailovna Melnikova

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