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2008: Volume 13, Issue 3

Editorial:  JIBC
From the JIBC Editor-in-Chief
Dr Nikhil Agarwal
Research Article:  JIBC
Strategies for Increased Integration of Online and In-Branch Services of Banks in Canada
Jason Dong, Michael Bliemel
Research Article:  JIBC
The Piloting of E-Commerce Performance: Development of a Model of Assistance to Piloting by Objectives
Sébastien Bruyère, Vincent Pillet, Luc Quoniam
Research Article:  JIBC
E-Business from Islamic Perspectives: Prospects and Challenges
Hanudin Amin
Research Article:  JIBC
Customers Perception of Security Indicators in Online Banking Sites in Nigeria
Egwali Annie Oghenerukevbe
Research Article:  JIBC
Nigeria SMEs Participation in Electronic Economy: Problems and the Way Forward
Adekunle, Paul Adesola, Tella, Adeyinka
Research Article:  JIBC
Factors Affecting Non Bank-Issued POS E-micropayment Choice: A Study of Taiwan Market
Wee Kheng Tan, Shih Kuo Chen
Research Article:  JIBC
Internet Banking Websites Performance in Greece
Christos Floros
Research Article:  JIBC
The Quality of Internet Banking Service Encounter in Jordan
Yazan K.A. Migdadi
Research Article:  JIBC
Integrating Trust and Computer Self-Efficacy with TAM: An Empirical Assessment of Customers’ Acceptance of Banking Information Systems (BIS) in Jamaica
Michael Reid, Yair Levy
Opinion Article:  JIBC
Payments and Inclusion: From Branchless Banking to Bankless Banking
Dave Birch

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