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Today, the old manual system of information requires manpower from the restaurant from writing down of orders, saving copies of receipts, and summarizing business transactions. It is also time-consuming for the part of the customers because it requires them to fall in line, place their orders and settle their bill. Waiting for their orders to be served may also take some time that can either serve the customers positively or negatively. This article focuses on the study proposes a Smart Order Application (SOA) Development Solution to support e-business activities and help for the restaurant business units operate efficiently, serve customers quickly, promptly and in accordance with the tastes of customers in today's era. SOA will replace the old order process and allow restaurant to create more professional service style, customers do not have to fall in line and wait for their turn to order. Integrate marketing in SOA, SOA will include function "Log in Facebook" which will let the customers like, share or check in at Phở restaurant and get free drinks or food. With SOA will make restaurant's menu vivid visually appealing, make a more effective and efficient business, it mean SOA improves the speed of service and create a new order style that benefits both the customers and the management. Customers will feel a comfortable and convenient dine-in experience, while restaurant will be able to reduce its expenses when it comes to manpower. Since then, SOA enables business unit’s profitable restaurant writing, profitability increased.

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